Welcome to the web pages of the Endocrine Research Laboratory of the Royal Victoria Hospital, which is part of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), and is a unit within the Division of Endocrinology. We study cell-to-cell communication and the roles of secreted molecules, such as hormones, cytokines, and growth factors in homeostasis and tissue modeling. This is important for normal physiological processes, such as development and wound repair, but also in diseases such as cancer.

The professors who make up the Endocrine Research Laboratory are listed on the left. Each professor is a member of the Department of Medicine, and teaches within the Division of Experimental Medicine and may be affiliated with other departments of McGill University.

Course links to the web pages of courses which are coordinated by members of the Endocrine Laboratory, or in which we participate, are listed on the left.

Some research-related pages will be found at this site. These include (a): a site dedicated to the Progranulin /granulin-epithelin precursor / proepithelin / PC_Cell- derived growth actor (PCDGF) / acrogranin molecule; (b): "The Peptides of C. elegans" - PepCe - which is a peptidomic project funded by the CIHR. Access is provided to the database of naturally occuring peptides isolated from the nematode C. elegans (c): The Sheldon Biotechnology Centre.

Useful suggestions, information and constructive comments are welcomed. 

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